California DUI Defense Attorneys

Not all California DUI defense attorneys are the same – some may be able to protect you and tilt law to your favor. Others might simply drain your resources and not be able to keep you from going to jail. Your life and your future will depend totally on how well you are represented, so select your lawyer thoroughly. Here are some questions you ought to ask your prospective lawyers before you sign up with them.

Does the legal representative focus on DUI cases only?

Remember that DUI defense is an extremely complex, customized field and DUI laws require unique attention. Hiring a ‘generalist’ attorney is not a great idea – it would be like employing an oral hygienist to carry out oral surgery. See if the legal representative is an expert in DUI, or if a huge portion of his or her cases are DUI-related. This is the only way for you to ascertain that you are handling a professional.

How well does the attorney rank against others? You can find out a lawyer’s rank through the Martindale-Hubbell International Directory of Attorneys. Also examine the California DUI attorney’s basic background. Did he or she go to a credible law school? Is his/her practice record free from bar complaints? You ought to certainly offer more credit to DUI attorneys who are Board-certified members of the National College for DUI Defense. This declares their knowledge in the DUI field.

Does the lawyer have access to a wide network of individuals or organizations that can assist get you off the hook? Your California DUI attorney must understand technical professional witnesses to help you even more your case. Such witnesses can assist examine if you were subjected to the ideal cops procedures, and if the blood and breath analysis were properly administered. Small technicalities like this can trigger you to either be condemned or acquitted. Contact Law Offices of Randy Collins for more information.

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